Electricity-Generating Gym

I found this a while ago, but haven’t shared it yet- it is an amazing campaign (student designed) that won a Gold Cleo Award in the Student Integrated Branding Campaign category.

I have generally found our local electricity company (one that has been plagued with issues and complaints for a few years now) to be rather lack-lustre and dull in its attempt to communicate with the public.  They offer many innovative and effective solutions to our intermittent electricity crisis, yet often fail to communicate this in an efficient and engaging way.

The solution proposed within this video could certainly be adapted to our local context, and could genuinely facilitate better brand-consumer relationships. Given how saturated the market is in terms of gyms and exercise facilities, I believe that there would be opportunity for co-branding or sponsorship in order to make the idea more applicable.

In addition the whole system could be adapted by gyms in order to make them more sustainable and energy efficient. Many of the machines and mechanisms within a gym are electricity dependent- this hefty usage could be counteracted through implementation of a system as proposed in the video.

Essentially there is an entirely underutilised and undercapitalised source of energy within our reach. I feel that there is definite opportunity to re-contextualise the featured project for application in South Africa.

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